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  There is a lot of behind the scenes action when processing a real-time online food order. It is our #1 priority at to ensure that your order is received by the restaurant, and in a timely manner. Most orders are sent and confirmed in less than 3 minutes.

Most of our the system is automated, but when issues happen we are waiting. Currently, most of our orders are submitted to restaurants by fax machine. If you've ever used a fax, you know problems sometimes do occur. Out of paper or ink, busy signal, turned off, etc.

Our system is very sophisticated and can "see" when something goes awry and contact our support team immediately. Worst case scenario, we will read off your order manually (and wait on hold) for YOU! and for no extra charge.

So enjoy the real-time online ordering system. A lot of time and effort has been put into the system to make it the best available.

-The GimmeGrub Team
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